Monday, September 28, 2015

Want to learn more ways to get awesome free samples by companies we all know love and trust? You've come to the right blog!

I've recently discovered this groovy new way for consumers like us to sample products and give our opinions and reviews. There are these amazing new web sites that let you create an account with them and every month your sent out a sample box with all kinds of goodies in them. Now every site is a little different so you'll just have to go check them out and see if it's for you. All of these sites are free to you. You should NEVER have to give out any payment information EVER!

Well here is my short list of my favorite sites that do this. Please comment any time letting us know your experience with any of these sites or if you know of one that's not on the list please let us know so we can share it!

Product Review by ME!

1. PINCHME - This is monthly and you have to be fast!

2. Sample Source - they will let you know when they have samples ready to claom - have to be fast with this one too :)

3. BuzzAgent - they give you missions and you complete them to get new missions.

4. CrowdTap - You have to complete thge missions and survey to qualify - they will let you know when you have a mission. 

5. Smiley360 - You answer all the survey they have and apply for missions and then complete the tasks they have for that mission.

6.  SheSpeaks

7.  HouseParty - You just go apply and wait to see if you accepted for a house party.

8.  Influencer - Do all your snaps and do as many reviews as you can in all the topics to get badges. Answering questions helps too. You need to get your outreach up so start a blog, twitter, youtube etc etc.

9. Swaggable - just signed up 2 days ago and already have an invite to try a whole bag of  Haribo Sour Gold Gummies :D just click the items you want.

10. Scent Bird

11. Toluna - surveys to get GC and product.

12. Social Nature Products - much like Swaggable.

13. Home Tester Club - register to get invited to review products for free.

14. Daily Goodie Box - Sign up, update your profile and just check your email daily for updates on getting a box. 


  1. thank you n congrats on the swagable offer
    I still have yet to receive one lol

  2. Sample source is the only one I have received so far and it's great

  3. I have received a box of samples from Sample Source this past week and also Pinch me., and am waiting for my second box from Pinch Me. I have also done a view item reviews for Smiley 360, (for only a small review)- this week got 3 boxes of TAZO tea and some samples!!

  4. Thank you for the links, having a blast, finally keeping busy doing something productive :)

    1. Thank you if it wasn't for you and this blog would never known about these sites

  5. I don't know how to do any of this influenster smiley360 buzzagent crowdtap I know nothing about a blog copy or paste don't know how to tag people I haven't received any samples yet but when I do I don't even know how to put my pictures and opinion up

  6. I was selected to receive the Hairibo Gummie Bears too and never received them I emailed Swaggable to tell them and still have not received a response.

  7. Cheryl Harrison i told u come see me at in an hour you'll know how to do it All!!!!

  8. Yeah I cant get it down myself I joined them all but no luck I can't seem to understand how to work them

  9. Thank you Krista for the informations. I already signed up for some of them. So far Crowdtap is the best for me. I earn money for being active and accepted for 2 campaign.

  10. Thanks girl! Snagged a few I wasnt already signed up for :)

  11. Bzzagent is a fantastic place to get free stuff, I also use too, a great way to get freebies!

  12. I just love applying for free sample boxes, and I have had just 1 in the past from justfreebies, where I got a free Goodie Box and it was so awesome.